Best of Luck Slot – Softbet

A game by Softbet. Graphics, music, and animation are basic, although colors are well-done. The welcome screen has a picture of an expensive white car and golden high-rise building. This is followed by a screen displaying pictures of the Scatter, Wild and multipliers. There is an explanation about each one to review. Two or more Scatters with the game’s name that land on any reel have a multiplied value with free spins. Wilds are gold coins that expand once they land during regular spins and bonus rounds. Multipliers are awarded with free spins and increase to a maximum of five times when there is not a winning pay line.

The other symbols include a beach scene, airplane, yacht, white car, and diamond ring. Letter and number symbols include A, K, Q, J, 10, and nine. The letter A icon has a purple heart next to it. The red K is wearing a crown and a brown Q has a black spade symbol. A blue ten comes with a red club. J comes with a red ruby gem; nine has the same gold coins used in the Scatter. Payouts are displayed by stars with five being the highest for each icon. The beach scene pays 100 coins for five, airplanes are next with 25, yachts equal ten, cars are 6.25, and diamonds rings payout five. Letters pay more than numbers with A and K payouts at 2.50 for five stars and Q and J earn players 1.25. Numbers nine and ten come in at 1.00 for five stars. You need at least three Scatter symbols to activate free spins. Wilds replace all symbols, but the Scatter icon.

Bonuses are generous with three Wilds earning 10 free spins and a five multiplier. Four stars equal 15 free spins with a 10 times multiplier. Five stars earn the most with 15 times the bet with 20 free spins. The free spin multipliers paid out with Wilds is based on the number of stars as well. One star earns one free spin; two stars are two free spins, and three stars delivers ten free spins. Multiples of five are used with four and five stars offering 15 and 20 spins respectively.

A pay table has a convenient shortcut tutorial with information about game settings and how to navigate the board. Keyboards can also be used with the space bar substituted for the spin button. There are 30 pay lines available to place a wager. The first free spins always begin with one time multipliers and escalate to a five times multiplier before starting the process over again. Pay outs are left to right with Scatters paying in both directions.

There are three columns sprawled across five reels. The background is a golden hue with the picture icons in separate frames. Letters and numbers are showcased directly on the reels with a 3D feel. The music is contemporary and mellow and can be adjusted using the settings. Game buttons are located at the bottom with the spin button in the middle and auto spin and max bet on the left and right sides. Players wager a minimum of one cent to 50 cents by clicking on the bet icon. The total bet amount is located next to it followed by the line bet button. The amount bet, game balance, and winnings are at the very bottom.

Animation kicks it up a notch with each winning spin. An example is pay lines are highlighted by round golden circles over the letter and number symbols. The other symbols actually move including the boat bobbing and splashing in the water or an airplane flying through clouds in the sky. You cannot set the auto spin to any particular number as it is a toggle switch, which means one click turns it on and another click turns it off. The Scatter expands to fill the entire reel after it lands.

Players may be a bit disappointed as the payouts are minimal. It is better to use the auto spin button and wait for the winnings to come. This game has little excitement as you can play for over an hour and not hit the bonus spin feature. Once the bonus round hits nearly two hours later, I earned the maximum 10 free spins. However, the payout was on 99 dollars. Players will probably not recommend this game. The bank starts at $1,000, but quickly runs out due to the amount of payouts. This is a game I would not play regularly. Softbet should take a look at the software to see if they can add some excitement or players will opt out of this one.