Beverly Hills 90210 – Isoftbet

If you like the television show 902110, then you will love this game. Most of the original characters are here with Brandon being the lead follow by Kelly, David, Donna, and Steve. The music is from the show’s theme and plays during regular and free spins. There are 243 ways to win with four types of bets instead of one bet button. Players have to choose between five bet buttons labeled bet one, bet two, and so on until you reach bet five. Bet one is worth the least at 50 cents, bet two is one dollar, bet three is worth one dollar and 50 cents, bet four is worth two dollars, and bet five is the most at two dollars and 50 cents.

The animation consists of each character in their role from the show on each winning spin. An example is David playing his keyboard. More animation comes with the wild sparkling and a lipstick kiss appearing on the screen. In addition, there will be gold stardust on the other winning game symbols. The pay table is on the bottom just above the line of predetermined bets. The five reels have 25 pay lines and have a variety of options with a jackpot, special features and bonuses. The reels are set as an entrance to a home with large white columns. On either side are the couples from the show hugging and standing together.

As mentioned earlier, the five characters from the show are worth five dollars, three dollars, one dollar, 60 cents, and 50 cents respectively when players land five icons. The other symbols for the game are standard with a red A, gold K, pink Q, green J, numbers ten and nine in light blue and purple. They are not worth much at all with 30 cents for the letter A and 15 cents for numbers 10 and nine. The wild is a red Ferrari with WILD written in gold. It replaces everything except the scatter and a special symbol called transformer. The scatter is the games name in a gold and silver coin. It comes with free spins and multipliers with the most being 30 times multiplier and 25 free spins when players earn five.

Special features include three different pay modes including left to right, both ways, and left to right for the transformer, which is a ticking clock. The bonuses include free spins with a choice of either a boy or girl game spin option. If players choose girls as many as five symbols of the female characters change into wilds. The selection for the boy’s game is triggered by three reels during the free spin mode that are changed to wilds. Jackpots are earned during regular play when three or more wilds are earned. There is no jackpot counter, but players can win 2,500 coins when it is activated.

The game alerts players about the different types of play modes at the top of the screen. Payouts are displayed at the bottom right side next to the wager amount. When the game is set on auto spin, the winning is consistent. As with all Softbet games, the pay outs are small. Play can last for a long period of time before a jackpot or free spins from the boy and girl games is activated. This is an interesting game so it could find its way into quite a few bookmarks.