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Blackjack multihand is a wonderful variation of the traditional game of blackjack. The main difference between regular blackjack and the multihand option is that the player can play three simultaneous hands if he or she desires to do so. The option adds some excitement to the flow of things. Gameplay starts with the dealer dealing himself or herself two cards as well as the player. A player who decides to play multiple hands will receive the two cards on all three hands.

The Basic Blackjack Objective

The main objective of every blackjack game is for the player to get as close to the number 21 as he or she possibly can without going over. The secondary objective is to beat the dealer by having a total card value that is closer than 21 than his or hers is. A bust occurs when the person’s total goes over 21. Blackjack is a term that refers to a person whose cards total 21 points. Generally, a person has blackjack if he or she has an Ace and a royalty card such as a Queen or a Jack.

Card Values

Every card has a specific value. The Ace card is a versatile card in that it can carry a value of one point or 11 points. All of the royalty cards such as Kings, Jacks and Queens have a 10-point value. The other cards in the pile have a value that is equal to their number. The three card has a value of three points for example. These cards get added together to devise the player’s total in the game.

Playing the Game

The first step that a player must take is deciding on a bet amount and the number of hands that he or she would like to play at once. For example, the player may want to play three hands at once. In such a case, the player would have to click on the chip that represents the bet amount and then click once in the area of the table that says “click to bet” or something similar. The player can then click on the “deal” button to have the dealer distribute the cards to himself and to the player. The dealer deals two cards to each person. The player then decides on the next move depending on the total of those two cards. The general rule is that a player should stand or refuse to take any additional cards if the total is at or above 17. The player should hit or take an additional card if the total is 16 or less. The player can go against that general rule, of course, but the odds are stacked against the person.

Special Options

Insurance is a special option that a player can take if the dealer shows an Ace. The player takes half of his or her bet and places it on the insurance line. The person bets that the dealer has blackjack. The player can then break even if the dealer does end up having blackjack, and the player’s hand busts. Splits and doubles are also available. Splits break things down into separate hands. Doubles increase the bets by the original amount. Interested persons can experience the pleasures of blackjack multihand today.