Fruit Boxes – Isoftbet

One of the first things to notice about Fruit Boxes is that it has a playful appearance. From the swinging monkey to the crates of bananas to the side of the screen, it’s a comical game with a good bit of action. The music is also playful, getting you through each level in a fun manner instead of the boring music that you usually find with other online games. Simple instructions are given on the first page of the game. There are boxes that pop up from time to time to give you hints about what to do and how to play.

As the game begins, you see the monkey standing off to the side When you earn coins, he starts to dance. He also has a few sad facial expressions if you lose coins. There are five betting options from 1.5 to 7.50. It’s best to start somewhere in the middle until you see where the lines are that will win and how often you will win. You can set the game to auto spin for a certain number of times if you don’t want to keep clicking on the spin button. However, this makes it harder to see the winning lines, and you tend to lose track of the number of coins you have. Your balance and the amount of coins you are betting with each round is displayed on the bottom. Your winnings are displayed in a box to the right side of the screen.

When you spin, you think that the boxes will disappear and not come back as there are crates instead of the reels that you would find with a traditional slot game. The crates will fall into place. This is a fun part of the game as each box falls on top of the other with a picture displayed on the front of each box. The first few times you spin, you usually don’t win much. If you take too long to spin, then the monkey tends to make a few noises. When you win, the fruits explode, and those boxes are cleared from the board. The monkey will clap to let you know that you have won coins, and the amount will show in the box that features you winnings.

There is a bonus box in some of the spins. If you see this box and see two other pictures surrounding it that are of the same fruit, then the boxes explode, and you win coins in that manner as well. One of the negative things about this game is that you think that you win with two or three fruits in a row, but the fruits have to be in a line in order to win anything. It’s advised not to bet the highest amount as you’ll just end up losing coins instead of gaining them. It seems to take forever in order to stock any kind of winnings from the game, but it does have a playful look and fun music.