Illusions 2 – Isoftbet

A game that has a bit of a magical design, Illusions 2 features a magician and his assistant. The magician doesn’t appear as friendly as the assistant and can become quite irritated while waiting on you to bet and spin. There are a few tricks that he performs while waiting as well. Even the music has a mysterious sound about it at times and is rather relaxing if you listen to it long enough.

One of the things about the game that is different is that you don’t have to wait for an introduction screen that gives a few of the details about the game. You don’t have to read about the wild cards or bonuses as you can find out about them while playing. This is sometimes best so that you can learn about what to look for as the reels spin. There are five reels in the game with 30 payout lines. Each of the lines is numbered on the side, and you can easily see the ways that you win as the lines are lit one at a time instead of all at once.

The minimum bet is .60 with the maximum bet being 6.00. Each bet increases by .60. It’s best to start somewhere in the middle until you get a feel for what the reels will pay out. The first few spins are rather boring. Your balance is displayed on the bottom of the screen with your winnings for each spin, if there are any, in the bottom right corner. You have an option of stopping the reels in the middle of the spin instead of waiting for them to complete on their own. When you stop the reels on your own, you will usually find that there is an increased chance of winning coins and getting bonuses. You need at least three images that are the same deign to win anything. If you get tired of the game, which you might as there really isn’t a lot of action, then consider clicking on the auto spin. It will keep spinning until you click stop. This is a way to keep playing the game, hoping that you come across a bonus while doing other things online.

The graphics on the game are fun, but they have a cartoon quality that appears as though a child drew them. The music can be melancholy at times until there is a big win. That’s when the game sounds like a magic show. When the reels spin, it sounds like rocks rolling around in a plastic container. Sometimes, if you bet the max, then you have better odds at getting something in your winnings area. Overall, the game is one that passes the time if you have nothing better to do while at work or at home. It’s a basic slot game where you spin and earn coins without a lot of the extras that some of the other slot games feature.