Joker Vegas 4up – Isoftbet

Vegas Joker 4Up Poker by iSoftBet

While iSoftBet is known for their hot pop culture properties and unusual slot machines, they are also great at taking card games and other table games and flipping them on their head. By swapping rules and changing the rhythm of a normal poker game, Vegas Joker 4Up Poker brings a whole new world of fun and challenges to this classic casino game.


Since Vegas Joker 4Up Poker is not an actual slot machine but rather a new way to play poker, there are no fancy symbols or themes. All players get are a standard deck of cards including jokers, which is the only wild in the game.

Playing the Game

Since Vegas Joker 4Up Poker isn’t a slot machine, the rules of play are a little different. There are four rows that can be dealt cards. Players begin on the bottom row and must win to move up to the next row. Each row has a higher multiplier from 1x up to 8x making winning hands even more valuable.

To begin, choose your amount to bet and hit the deal button. This will deal five cards to the bottom row. Click the cards you want to hold and hit deal to replace tossed cards. A winning combination of cards must be made to advance to the next row.

Free Spins

There are no free spins included in Vegas Joker 4Up Poker, but there are random Free Ride rewards. Free Ride spots may pop up randomly whenever you begin a game. When you see a Free Ride space, you will automatically win that hand and move on the next level, regardless of what cards have been drawn.

Gamble Bonuses

Vegas Joker 4Up Poker does have an interesting bonus game. After every winning game, you will be asked if you want to collect your winnings or gamble them to double your rewards. By selecting gamble, players go double or nothing in a bonus game. Five cards are dealt with the first one face up. Players must choose one of the cards that will be higher than the card shown. Winning will double your payout while losing will take all of it away. You can double your winnings up to five times using one gamble, but once you lose, it all goes away, to choose carefully.

Jackpot Bonuses

While there is no jackpot bonus, scoring a royal flush without using a joker on the top row will net you quite the hefty reward to the tune of 12,000 credits.


The payouts will vary depending on winning hands created and which rows they have been hit on. For something as small as two pairs, a 5 credit reward will be yours. If you are lucky enough to score a royal flush without using a joker, you can take home a reward of 3,000 credits. Hit this on the top row and you’re looking at a jackpot of 24,000 credits.


Fans of slot machines and card games will enjoy this new twist to classic video poker. While there are no flashy graphics or sounds, the sheer fun and challenge will keep players coming back to this one.