Million Cents HD

The developer Softbet has been creating games using the HD technology with outstanding results. They offer players a level of stunning graphics, animation, and fluid software operations that bolster the experience. There are five bet options with two dollars, four dollars, six dollars, eight dollars and ten dollars available for each wagered spin. No selections are available to change the number of lines of wager amounts outside of those listed at the bottom of the screen. All buttons are in a deep or cool pink hue except the spin is a bold yellow. A display is directly underneath the spin button with the bet wager, game balance, and winnings. There is a separate, larger winnings display next to the auto spin button. The pay table is also found above the bet options for easy access. The music is not the typical casino fare, but the reels and symbols are classic Vegas-style. Additional sounds such as dropping coins, bells, and chimes blend in with winning spins. There is nothing special about the reels that have a black background with floating symbols.

There are eight game symbols, one wild, and one scatter. The wild is the game’s name with million written at the top and bottom. The word Fortune is written in the center of the scatter symbol. There are two different number seven, one with a flame and one without it. This theme is continued with three BAR symbols that are distinguished by background colors of gold, purple, and red. Both sevens together is another symbol, three cherries, and the three BAR symbols together complete the list. The biggest payout comes with five symbols regardless of which one each player secures. Starting with the wild, payouts are as generous as 1,000 to as low as two dollars for the three bars.

Players need to wager the max bet to earn the 1,000,000 coin prize or any other special feature. The game also calculates the bonus by combining all 20 lines. This makes it a steep climb to earn the top bonus. There are variations that are reviewed on the pay table. For example, the ten along with four or more zeros equals 10,000 dollars. A ten plus three more zeros awards 1,000 dollars, and a ten with two additional zeros snags 100 dollars. Players are also awarded something with just the ten alone or with one zero in the amount of 10 dollars or one dollar. The longer play continues tens begin to appear more frequently. There are no other bonuses except this one. A special game display bar is located above the game buttons that showcases the lines won and their amounts.

This is not the typical 20 pay line slots game because it offers lots of payouts from the first spin. Players can set the auto spin by simply clicking it. However, there is no setting option for a specific number. This feature will remind players of Vegas with its convenience. There are settings for game volume and full-screen functionality. The BAR symbols land often compared to the other available options. Players can expect the software to move effortlessly throughout the experience. Payout lines are highlighted by different colors such as orange, green, purple, and so on. There is a small amount of animation with winning spins as the symbols trigger running gold borders or moving flame. Players will favorite Million Cents HD for its simplicity.