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Neon Reels and the Advent of Bitcoin Casinos

With the bitcoin industry still booming despite economic downturns in traditional currency, more and more people are gaining interest in Bitcoin. Instead of being backed by gold or “faith,” as most official currencies are, Bitcoin is backed by computer processing power from participating users who use electronic hardware to “mine” bitcoins.

However, “mining” is not the most fun or layman-friendly way to rack up Bitcoins. It’s very difficult and, in most cases, the miner ends up spending more money on their electricity bill from their mining hardware than they make in profit.

Because of this, many websites have sprung up to help propagate Bitcoins and make them more accessible to the average user — and that means, just like with traditional currencies, Bitcoin casinos have become a popular and exciting way to make some serious money. is hosting a new game by the company iSoftBet, called “Neon Reels.” The sharp, vibrant graphics, as well as the sleek ambient music, immediately set this game apart. The game is a virtual slot machine, but with a Technicolor, retro-futuristic aesthetic, it’s far prettier than most. Yet, this game isn’t just about looks, it’s also about cold, hard, cash (even if Bitcoins aren’t cold or hard).

When you spin, you want five “Hot Jackpot” symbols in a row, but if you’re not so lucky, don’t worry! Getting two diamond symbols in the first reel (vertical column in a slot machine) gives you two respins, and getting three or more dice symbols gives you 10 free spins! When you’re ready to play, some of your known favorite slot machine symbols such as cherries and bells are there filling up the reels, as well as numbers and letters stylized in the casino font. You’ll definitely feel like you’ve been transported to Vegas, and depending how many coins are at stake, you’ll feel the rush of Vegas, too.

However, it’s possible to play just for fun if you don’t have any Bitcoins to spend yet. This will give you the practice you need for when you’re ready to put your coins in the betting pool.

This immersive game will not only leave you addicted and clamoring for more sensory-stimulating good fortune, but will make you want to compete against your friends and see how they do. By signing up on iSoftBet’s partner site, you can connect your social media account to a number of casino games like Neon Reels. Show off your score to your friends and show them how good you are at “getting lucky”!

Neon Reels currently has a 4 out of 5 star rating on the website. See what all the hype is about and how people are winning bitcoins fast. Bitcoin casinos are quickly becoming just as popular as other online casinos, considering the growth and stability of the Bitcoin market. But, if you’d like to exchange that stability for a bit of fun and boldness, Neon Reels and other casino games on and should be your first stop.

Are you brave enough to risk it all? Go back to the bright nights and neon-studded lights of the 80s with Neon Reels, and find out.