Platoon – Isoftbet

Movies make the best online slots games, because they use some of the favorite characters fans come to love. In addition, they always have several scenes to remind them what a great production it was. The game developer Softbet has done it again with this rendition of Platoon. The animation is incredible with jeeps firing and smoke coming out. Wilds actually appear to hover over the reels as it moves. The reels actually spin underneath it. There is even more cutting edge technology with in-your-face moments during the bonus rounds. Players are kept abreast of the winning reels with yellow lines wiping across them to show where the payouts are coming from.

If there is a question about what each symbol is worth, simply click on any reel between spins for payout information. Bets can be set at one cent to 10 cents that makes each bet equal three dollars for the least amount or 30 dollars as the most. The background to the reels is in a jungle just like the movie with metal fixtures for the outline and game buttons. There are a total of seven plus the large green spin button. Symbol colors are in bold neon hues including blue, purple, green, and yellow. The game settings are in the usual top right corner of the screen.

The wild is a camouflage jeep/tank combination that replaces every symbol, but the bonus. A military helicopter is the bonus icon. It has a value that changes based on regular or bonus round. Regular play offers up to 12 free spins and a 15 times multiplier when five hit the reels. Bonus rounds only provide as many as 12 free spins. Five of the popular characters from the movie are worth ten dollars, five dollars, one dollar, or 60 cents. Players have to secure the maximum five symbols to earn this rate. A red A, golden K, lime green Q, and light blue J are only worth 70 cents to 30 cents while a purple 10 or dark blue nine are worth 20 and 25 cents.

There is a jackpot that is paid based on the winning pay line that entitles players to 10,000 coins or 30,000 with a three times multiplier. The wild jeep moves from one reel to another. Wilds that land on the last reel offers free spins until it reaches the first reel. A chain locks the bet as the wild moves across the reels for each re-spin. The animation continues with the bonus helicopter being shot at with glass breaking. The wild lands often during regular play with plenty of re-spins. There will be several big wins back to back with some at 600 or 1,000 coins. Reaching the bonus round or jackpot is a tough feat. Players will not really miss this feature due to the robust results from the wild feature.

Softbet hit Platoon out of the box with incredible animation and flawless software responsiveness. For example, when players earn a huge win the helicopter gets bigger, and animation takes off with it shooting coins at the winning balance box. There will also be red and white lights flashing when it finally heads towards players as if it is coming off the screen. There are voice commands coming over the radio including the words big win. The bottom line with this 30 line game is it is a winner!