Roulette 3d – Isoftbet

What casino is complete with a wide assortment of games and tables? Make you online casino action even more realistic by checking out iSoftBet’s Roulette 3D. The company that has become well-known for innovative and interesting slot machines brings players one of the most realistic Roulette games available online. Play Roulette 3D to enjoy the risks felt with gaming, but with more of a skill aspect. Choose your bets, choose your spots, and give the Roulette wheel a spin. Roulette has multiple components involved and that may drive some new players away. Once you learn how to play Roulette 3D, the game becomes much more fun that scary.

How to Bet

Betting is pretty straightforward in Roulette 3D. To the right side, players will find their chips in various amounts. Simply click on a chip to select that amount and then click anywhere on the field to place your bet. Click multiple times to place more than one of the same chip.

Once betting is complete, click spin to begin the wheel. The virtual dealer will drop the roulette ball and wherever it lands is the winner. If you would like to place the exact same bet, hit the rebet and spin button.

The Field

The field simply refers to the table on which players lay their bets. There are a lot of numbers, spaces, and colors on the field. While this may seem confusing at first, it looks more complicated than it really is.

In Roulette 3D, the field is split into two sections. The large section of the field located at the top of Roulette 3D is what most people think off when they think of roulette. This section features thirty-seven different numbers ranging from 0 through 36. With the exception of 0, all numbers alternate between red and black. To place a single bet, simply place your

The other spaces on this section of the field correspond to larger groups of numbers and spaces. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd 12 all refer to the numbers that fall under those sections. Betting on 1st 12 pays out id the ball lands on 1 through 12, and so on. Same applies to spaces 1 to 18 and 19 to 36.

Players can choose to simply bet on color. If you think the next ball will be a black, but not sure which one exactly, place your bet on the black space. Same applies to Odd and Even spaces.

Players can bet on multiple spaces at the same time. So it is possible to bet on number 2, 1st 12, and Black at the same time. Winnings will be awarded for each correct bet.

The Wheel

Players will not be handling the wheel in Roulette 3D. This is done to illustrate the movement of the ball and add to the real-life excitement of the game.

Once all bets have been placed, players will hit the spin button and the virtual dealer will spin the wheel and drop the ball.


Roulette 3D is one of the most realistic roulette games found in any online casino. The game features enjoyable music, realistic sounds, and the excitement of a real-world casino. Roulette 3D is definitely a keeper for those looking to win back some credits.