Spooky Family – Isoftbet

Spooky Family is perhaps one of the best betting games that has been played in some time. It has a fun sound and fun pictures. The initial page of the game features two columns, one with a snake wrapped around it and one with a skeleton. This is what makes the game exciting as it looks like something you would see on Halloween. The random bonus in the game is a pair of hands that look like they are clawing through the ground. There is another bonus available. If you feed the family pet, then you can win up to 250,000 coins.

This game is based on the popular television show, “The Addams Family.” The characters aren’t really drawn to scale, and you can tell that it’s simply a rendition of the show, but it definitely has the basis of the show while playing. One of the features that is enjoyable about the game is that all of the information is easy to read. You can clearly see the number of coins that you bet, the lines that are played and the auto spin button. There is also a button that allows you to bet the maximum number of coins, which is five. You can bet any number of coins between one and five, but it’s best to go somewhere in between with three or four.

There are five reels in the game. When you spin, you hear laughter in the background, similar to what you would hear on the television show. There are also flashes on the sides of the reels that give a spooky look to the game. Pictures on the reels include large letters in colors of purple, blue and red and the faces of the members of the Addams family. Most of the pictures that you see are of Tuesday and Pugsley, but you will see a Lurch thrown in every once in a while. There is a wild picture of a skeleton head wearing a top hat and a bonus picture of a haunted house.

You could win on any number of 20 lines in the game, but if you think that you’ll win every line on every spin, you would be wrong. This is a downside as it does take a while to win even a few coins after spinning. There are colorful numbers on the sides of the reels that show the line that has won, making it easy to spot how you earned coins in the spin. At times, a wild card will earn coins more than a line. If you see a wild card that starts to flash, then it will turn one of the other pictures to a wild card, which is how you win the most coins, especially if you bet low. The key is to get three of the same picture in a row if you want to win. When you do get three pictures in a row, they have a comical feature that makes the game worth playing.