The Warriors – Isoftbet

Players will not be entertained with action from the movie called The Warriors. There are no live scenes with impeccable graphics only reels that go thud after each spin. The spin button is the top of a spray can. There are five bet buttons labeled as one, two, three, four, or five located at the bottom. An auto spin is between the winnings box and spin. Bets can be changed by clicking the wager button to the far right. This is not the most convenient location, but is large enough for players to find it.

There is no music just the sounds of chains rattling while reels are spinning. Pictures of the characters are not animated only the background with sparkling lights and pulsating motion. The other symbols have animation that has them fading in and out. Players will find it impossible to know how many lines this game has, because it is not listing in the pay table or on the reels. When there is a winning spin, the icons flash, but no line are seen at any time during play.

A bonus symbols has the Warriors biker emblem with fire decorating it. A wild symbol has the lead male character and his girlfriend displayed. The letter symbols and one number symbol are written in graffiti-style with a Swiss cheese appearance. There is only one female character pays the most with 1,000 coins for five symbols. The male lead is next with 500 coins awarded with five icons. Another male character wearing a black hat pays 250 coins. The last male character is wearing Native American jewelry and pays 200 coins. Nothing notable can be said about the symbols even the characters seem depressed. This is a good way to describe the action in The Warriors game.

When the bonus symbol hits the first, third and fifth reels bonus rounds are triggered. It pays up to 50 free spins with a maximum of five times multiplier. It also has a stacking functionality that reveals the game symbol that is eligible for the bonus round. The wild symbols pay out both ways with a two times multiplier. They replace game symbols except not the bonus icon. The free spins also stack with two, three, four, and five times multipliers. They are only awarded during bonus rounds and not regular play.

There is no jackpot play in this game. However, players have 243 ways to win as long as the symbols are touching and consecutive. To win the maximum number of times the entire reel has to be filled with one symbol at the time of the regular spin. When the bonus finally triggers, a spray can appears with red paint everywhere. Arrows direct players to choose a reel for free spins on the first reel, a multiplier on the third reel, and a symbol on the fifth reel.

Softbet is known for producing games that are engaging with stand-out graphics. However, this game misses the mark in a big way. The graphics are basic, and so is the animation. Bonuses rarely land, while regular spins have even fewer bigger payouts. This will be a disappointing online slots experience for players. They may invest a small amount of time after they load it up. After this, it will be a safe bet they will not be back again. This is a sad two out of five stars slots game. In other words, do not waste time with this one.