Ultimate Super Reels

Ultimate Super Reels is an online video slot game that captures the look and feel of the traditional electronic slot machine that one is likely to find in a casino or pub. Developer iSoftBet doesn’t settle with just the classic formula, however, and it actually introduces modern video slot elements as well as give the player options on how the game plays.

The Basics

Ultimate Super Reels is a slot game that you can spin with actual money or as an arcade experience with nothing on the line other than a good time. The game has 5 paylines and, by default, three reels, but you unlock a fourth reel when you wager 10 or more coins and a fifth reel when you wager 15.

Instant Win and Multiplier Reels

The two bonus reels operate a bit differently than the standard reels. Instead of symbols like double- or triple-bar or blue or red seven, the Instant Win reel has additive values: +50, +150, +750 and +1000 coins. A line that wins has those extra coins added to the total amount. The Multiplier reel, on the other hand, adds a multiplier: x2, x5 or x10. The multiplier applies to the entire win including any coins that were added by the Instant Win reel, which makes for some sizable line wins.

Progressive Jackpot

This game also features a progressive jackpot, and it was in excess of €600,000 at the time we reviewed the game. The jackpot is awarded randomly independent of the spin, and you have a chance to win each time you wager the maximum number of coins. You don’t have to bet the max coin size, however, but coin size does dictate you cut. If you play at the €0.10, then your cut would be around €200K instead of the max €600.

Respin Feature

There’s also a respin symbol that’s active whenever you play for 10 or more coins. Hitting the respin will award you between one and five free games. One of the nice aspects of this feature is that the respin symbol remains active during free spins, and there’s no limit to how many free games you can rack up.

Winning Combinations

Winning combinations require three like symbols from left to right across a payline. If you hit a three-symbol combo, then you win the amount assigned to that symbol. The Ultimate Super Reels symbol is the jackpot symbol and pays out 4,000 coins, but it’s only active with a 10-coin or greater bet. If you have the fourth and fifth reels active, then the maximum non-progressive jackpot is 50,000 instead: (4,000 + 1,000) x 10.


Ultimate Super Reels is a fun, fast-paced slot game with a lot going on but not so much that it feels overwhelming. Following the action and knowing when you’re a winner is easy. The game has authentic electronic slot machine sound effects, and there’s even background noises that make it sound as if you’re sitting in a casino. You’ll certainly want to play 10 coins or more per spin, but you can do that for as little as €0.50, so even penny rollers will find something to like here.