Online Craps for Bitcoin

Broad Overview of online Bitcoin Craps

Bitcoin Craps is a dice game in which players gamble with a pair of dice.
The game allows players to bet on the result of either a sequence of dice rolls, or rolling the dice once. It’s one of the traditional games played on a large table called a craps table on most casinos. Usually, Craps accommodates around twenty players at a time. These players can place their bets in various gambling schemes which are supported by Craps. Nowadays, Craps has become a very popular game played online in Bitcoin casinos. Online Craps for Bitcoin enable bettors to play with Bitcoins, a safe form of digital currency, yet keeping their identities hidden.

How to play online Bitcoin Craps

When the game commences, the person shooting the dice typically called the shooter places a bet on either of the following: the”Pass” or the “Don’t Pass” line. The two bets are placed, and a win is determined by the end result of the round, which is divided into two phases, that is, “point” and “comeout”.

On the beginning of Craps game, the shooter makes come-out rolls either once, or more than rolls. In this case, the player expects only two possible results, Natural: 7 or 11, and Craps: 2, 3, or 12. In the case of Natural: 7 or 11, any player who has staked a bet on the Pass line gets rewarded. Additionally, in the event of Craps: 2, 3, any bettor will lose the bet when he/she stakes a bet on the Pass line.

Numbers 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 are considered as Point numbers. A number is considered as the “point”, in the case where the player rolls on of these numbers.

Every time a second phase starts, the shooter is obliged to “hit” the point number again, before number seven is rolled, so that the Pass line can win. The Pass line will lose and the round closes, in case a player rolls a seven prior to the point number being hit. In Craps, if the Pass line loses, the Don’t Pass line wins, and the vice versa is true as well. Nonetheless, there exists a scenario where this case does not apply, and that is in case of the come-out roll resulting to a 12. When this is the case, the Don’t pass line bets neither wins nor loses, while the Pass line bets lose.

Different types of online Bitcoin Craps in casinos

There are five bet types on which players can place their bets while playing online Bitcoin Craps on casinos. This include:

•Line Bets: These are bets placed when the game begins. The shooter in this type of bet places a bet on either “Pass” line which indicates a win, or “Don’t Pass ” line which indicates a loss.

•Come Bet: This is a type of bet where the shooter only places a bet once the come-out roll of a point number has been set. As a result, bettors can get hold of odds on the come-bet point. Rolling a seven before rolling the come-bet point makes the shooter win the bet, and loses if a seven is rolled first.

•Don’t Come Bet: This type of bet contradicts to the come-bet. Additionally, the shooter wins on a 2 or 3, loses on a 7 or 11, and any other point value turns to be the Don’t come point.

•Multi-Roll Bets: These are bet types which are not resolved on the first roll. Some instances of Multi-Roll Bets include Hard way, and Big 6 & Big 8.

•One Roll Bets: Bets placed on this type of bet are settled in one dice roll. That means that the shooter is given a chance for results which are instant. Players can bet on seven options, that s, Snake Eyes, 3, Yo, Boxcars, Any Seven, Any Craps, and The Horn.

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