Kobushi – Isoftbet

Developer Softbet is at it again with amazing colors and animated characters during regular and free spins. There is a giant, pink cat that uses chopstick in a bonus round and a host of others that have distinguishing eyes. They also have different colored bodies to help players keep up. The background is a pastel pink for the sky, trees and ground. Personality fills the game between winning spins. The theme is based on Japanese culture so the letters used for symbols and scenery has this characteristic. Music is no exception with whimsical sounds of chimes and flutes being heard. The game has settings to adjust several sounds including winning, game, background, and overall volume. There are two generous jackpots available called Sushi and Kobushi with balances located at the top of the reels. A full-screen mode heightens the overall game appeal.

The wild is a green ninja wearing an orange bandana and replaces bonuses and scatters. They pay 1,000 coins for five symbols and 100 coins for three. Scatters are a piece of red and white sushi with multipliers paid out instead of actual coins. Players can earn up to 25 times for five, 10 times with four, and five times for three symbols. There are two bonus characters including the pink cat and the game’s name. A purple squid also pays 1,000 coins for five and a red Kobushi is worth 500 coins for five. A yellow fish and a white one with orange spots comes in with 300 coins after five of those lands. Two food dishes: Chinese cupcakes and egg rolls pay 120 coins with each five icons. No numbers are found in this game only four letters: black A and orange K are worth 100 coins and a purple Q and yellow J pay 50 coins.

Scatters pay in every direction wherever they land on the reels. If players use the max bet button during regular play, both jackpots offer them a choice at 15,000 coins or the balance. All that is needed is three or more Kobushi bonus symbols. There are four more ways for payouts to increase. Extra wilds, free spins, Big Cat bonus, and extending wilds come up often and really make the winnings higher. The Big Cat Bonus pays in free spins, extra wilds, and multipliers after three hit the reels. Extended wilds are triggered when a regular wild lands in the center reel. It quickly becomes a sticky reel throughout the free spins. Thirty pay lines award from left to right on this five reel game with three columns.

During the action, the tutorial comes in handy so players can use shortcuts to increase payouts. The Big Cat bonus is filled with animation that lets players pick the number of free spins, the multiplier, and the symbol that goes with the multiplier. Bonuses take a while to award and the payouts are infrequent. Players may lose interest, because of this and the small payout amounts. This was a big surprise due to the large number of coins offered with each symbol. It is difficult for five of any symbol to fall on the reels. The software responds quickly as the reels move in a turbo fashion. The animation after each bonus is funny, but falls short to keep players entertained. If big and frequent winning spins are important, this is not the game to try.