Coins of Olympus Slot – Rival

The “Coins of Olympus” slot game is brought to us by Rival Gaming. It is a five-reel slot machine themed around ancient Greece. Players can choose a coin size from $0.01 to $0.25 and play up to 25 lines at a time. Between one and 10 coins can be placed on each line at a time for a maximum bet of $62.50 per spin. There’s an autoplay feature that allows the player to select a number of spins and then let the machine operate by itself.

The theme of the game is evident right from the introductory video, which depicts a hoplite clanging his shield and spear together, a lady with a dove, presumably Aphrodite, and a mountain with a Greek-style temple atop it. The presence of Hermes flying through the air atop a pegasus, trailing a rainbow behind him, is more difficult to place in mythology and indicates that Rival is perhaps taking a creative interpretation of the old Hellenic legends.


The symbols you’ll be trying to match feature some of the characters from the opening cutscene, including the hoplite and Aphrodite, along with other prominent figures from mythology, like Ares and Hades. Just as in most other such games, all lines run from left to right, and you need at least three matching images in a row to receive any winnings. The top prize of 1,500 coins can be hit by matching five symbols of Poseidon, god of the sea.

A special silver coin acts as a wild, filling in for any other symbol to make winning pay-lines. An interesting feature of “Coins of Olympus” is the fact that this wild coin will expand to fill the entire reel if doing so would match additional lines. It basically serves as three wilds in one.

When you make a winning line, the symbols involved will be highlighted, and the characters depicted will engage in a short animation. This is done pretty well with smooth graphics and short sound effects playing to match the action. A fanfare will play as well to alert you to the fact that you’ve won.

Free Spins Galore

There’s a gold coin scatter symbol that awards free spins whenever three of more of them appear. They don’t have to be on the same pay-line to have this effect; they can appear on any part of the machine. Three gold coins will grant seven free spins, four gold coins is good for 15 free spins and five of them appearing in the game at the same time will reward the player with 30 spins absolutely free. During these free spins, the silver coin wild symbol will have a 2x multiplier, doubling any winning combinations achieved using it.

If three or more scatter symbols should appear while the free spins are already running, then additional free spins will be triggered according to the same numbers described above. However, these new free spins are dubbed “Titan Spins” and come with certain benefits. First of all, the wild multiplier increases from 2x to 3x, tripling all winning pay-lines that include the silver coin wild symbol. Secondly, a special Zeus bonus icon will be added to the game. If three of these icons appear on the screen, a bonus round will begin. The opportunity to win a bonus round only occurs while the Titan Spins are running; you cannot access this feature at any other time.

Bonus Game

In the intro to the bonus game, an earthquake hits Mount Olympus, scattering Zeus’ gold coins and sending them falling through the sky. Hermes offers to collect them all. The player controls Hermes as he scrolls from left to right atop a winged pegasus. Move the mouse up and down to direct Hermes and pick up the coins. The bonus payout will depend upon the number of coins gathered. At least this sub-game explains the bizarre rainbow pegasus from the video that runs at the start of the game.

With colorful graphics, crisp sounds and interesting special features, “Coins of Olympus” is a virtual slot machine that’s fun and engaging. You can play it online for real money at Bodog Casino, Bovada Casino,, Ignition Casino and any number of other partners of Rival Gaming.