Hansel And Gretel Witch Hunters – Isoftbet

The theme of this game appears as though it would be the traditional Hansel and Gretel fairy tale, but it has a slight twist. This game is a little darker than the colorful fairy tale of two children getting lost in the woods. From the alluring look that Gretel has on her face to the mysterious appearance of Hansel, you see that it’s all about finding the witch.

From the first screen of the game, the title is in red letters that look like they could be bleeding on the screen. The game is more similar to the recent movie that has been released with the same title. There are five reels in the game, and each reel features colorful pictures that include letters and numbers. The lower portion of the game screen has all of the details that you need to select how many coins you will bet with each spin and whether you want to set up an auto spin. This is the best option if you don’t want to keep clicking the spin button as you can get several spins in a matter of minutes.

There are 10 different pay lines, which makes it a little more difficult to win coins. While playing, you hear the sounds of a crackling fire, which can be a relief from waiting on winning with a spin. If you get three or more scatter symbols, which appear as weapons, then you trigger free spins, which will increase your chances at winning. However, these are tricky to find. If you play quite a few spins in a row without taking a break, then it’s more likely that you will find the scatter. There is a wild card and an extended wild card. The wild turns other pictures on the reel to the same thing, which means that you win coins. The extended wild does the same thing, but it will turn more images so that they match.

Hansel and Gretel do have a frightening appearance on some of the reels. They also look like they are surrounded by barbed wire. There is an image of the witch as well. She is a little more realistic than Hansel and Gretel. There are images of the characters from the movie, which makes the game a little more entertaining. The maximum bet is 100 with the lowest bet being 10. You can easily bet the max with this option sometimes giving you a better chance at winning right from the start of the game. However, it’s best to change the bet because if you keep it at the maximum, you’ll start seeing that you lose coins. The reels set in place fairly quickly so that you can get on with the game instead of waiting around to see if you have any matches on the lines. The music is incredible and really draws you into the game more than the characters or winning coins does. One of the options you have is to stop the reels at any time during the spin. This will sometimes be your best chance at winning large amounts of coins.