Happy Birds – Isoftbet

Happy Birds is a game that features some of the birds that you might see in the Angry Birds cartoons and movies. Some of them have a mean look while others are happy. There are 243 payout lines on five reels, making this a game that you would think is easy to rack up the coins while playing. This isn’t quite true as it takes some time to hit bonuses, wild cards and lines that make up a winning total. If there are at least three wild cards on the screen after spinning, then you get free spins and more coins.

Colors in the game are good, but they aren’t as detailed as some other slot games on the market. Each bird seems to have its own personality as some of them will wink, blink and even smile. There is a fun canary in the game that dances while waiting on you to spin. Letters and numbers are large and designed with bright colors that include blue, yellow and green. One of the things about the game that you won’t see with some others is that the lowest bet is 2.50 and, the highest is 12.50. These are higher bets than you will find in other games that have a similar design. It also makes it easier and faster to lose the credits that you do win.

Start at the lower bets until you get a feel for what the game has in store. It will take a few spins to build up your winnings. When you start to see the amount of winnings climb over 10, then start moving your bets up the scale. If you get a bonus, you can shoot at colored balloons to win more coins. The balloons are hanging from a tree and can sometimes be difficult to pop. Some of the balloons have free spins while others will multiply your winnings. This is a feature that is fun because it’s interactive instead of simply clicking on a spin button through the game. A Magic Hoop image means that you get free spins. Sometimes, you will have several free spins to get through, which can be tedious to watch as these usually don’t pay out as much as individual spins would. However, it’s a way to pass the time.

Happy Birds can make you happy while playing if you enjoy the carnival music and the fun images. There is an auto spin feature so that you can set up a certain number of spins instead of continuously clicking for individual turns. You also have the option to stop the reels from spinning at any time during your turn. This will sometimes give you a better chance at winning coins than letting the reels stop on their own, especially if you want a chance at a bonus round and popping balloons. While you’re waiting to play, you hear the sounds of cars driving along the city streets and birds singing.