The Best Witch

There are five reels and 15 payout lines in The Best Witch slot game. The music gives the impression of a battle waging against two witches. One of them is green, and the other is blue. It appears as though they are good and evil, but they are really just two witches who are trying to use their powers against each other. Beautiful details are used on the witches, giving them almost an anime appearance.

Most of the symbols that you will see on the reels are of items that are typically used by witches, such as potion bottles and cauldrons. If you see three, four or five bonus images on the screen, then it triggers the bonus round. This is a time when you can score a lot of coins in a short time without using the coins that you have. If you get at least two scatter symbols on the board, then you trigger a battle between the witches. This is an important part of the game as you are asked to choose which witch you want to side with when the game first begins. If this witch wins the battle, then it can mean a lot of coins for you. Even if the witch you choose loses in the battle, you get 20 free spins, so you still have a chance to win numerous coins. If the witch does win, then you get 30 free spins and few more chances of seeing wild images on the board with each spin. There is a bonus round where you can match colored cards for more chances at earning coins.

After playing the game a few times, you will begin to see which witch really does defeat the other. The green witch tends to come out ahead more often than the blue one, so she might be the one you want to choose at the beginning of the game. However, the witch doesn’t really come into play until the battle, so you have to continue thinking about the number of coins that you want to bet throughout the game. It’s best to bet somewhere in the middle instead of betting too low or too high. Each line bet increases by .15, which makes it a little easier not to get carried away with the amount that you bet with each spin. The maximum bet is 1.50. All it takes is three of the same image in a payout line for you to win. If you start at a high bet, then you can sometimes increase your chances at winning shortly after the game begins, but adjust the amount after a few spins to a lower amount as you’ll start losing money. Your winnings can be seen in the lower right corner. Details of the game are amazing as they are colorful and magical. You do have the option to stop the reels at any time during the spin. If you stop the reel yourself, then it can sometimes be in your favor as you have more bonuses and coins.