Wisps – Isoftbet

Wisps by iSoftBet

When time and space meld into one, a union of pure energy is formed. It is this energy that iSoftBet tapped into whent hey created the Wisps energy-themed slot machine. Not only will players be entranced by the beautiful animations and graphics, but with more than 200 different ways to win, there is always something to cheer about. Wisps is a five reel machine that brings multiple random actions to keep things interesting.


Normally, it’s pretty easy to simply explain what symbols to watch for, but Wisps is far from your norma slot machine. In the standard section, we have the 9 through Ace card symbols in bright colors.

For a little more money, watch for the higher level symbols and combinations. This is where things get a little difficult to explain. Where most games use well-known images to grab attention and stir excitement, Wisps uses intersting light patterns that not only stand out to the player, but also look more attractive than almost any other online slot game.


The Scatter symbol is another amazing light pattern, this time resembling a sort of fairy. Wisps is a machine that rewards players for having at least two Scatters placed anywhere on the reels. The more Scatter symbols strewn throught your reels, the higher you payout will be. Beginning with three Scatters and up, players get an extra reward of fifteen free spins.


The Wild symbols is a red and orange Wisp pattern that resembls a Yin and Yang symbol. These can appear randomly on any reel and will replace any standard symbol to help create winning combinations.


This interesting symbol is unique only to the Wisps slot machine. When it appears, it will transform six lower tier symbols (9 through A) and itself into the same symbol.

Multiple Ways to Play and Win

With 243 different ways to win, there is likely to be a lot to pay attention to. The truth is, there are three different ways to play and win that are all triggered and monitored automatically.

The first way is Left to Right. As one would assume, this is when a winning line pays from left to right. The second way to play is Both Ways mode. This is when winning lines are paid out both left to right and right to left. The final mode is Left to Right Transformer mode. This is when the transformer symbol pops up and changes six 9 through A symbols and itself to the same symbol. Winning lines are paid left to right in this mode.

Free Spins

Even the free spin rounds in Wisps has something interesting added to it. When the free spins bonus is triggered by scoring three or more Scatters, players are given a choice between two different modes of play. The first is Bouncing Wilds where one to five random symbols become Wilds for that spin. The second option is Spiral Wilds where one, two, or three reels become completely Wild for that spin.


There is a lot to love with Wisps and not too much to dislike. Experience some of the most beautiful graphics of any online slot machine and hundfreds of different ways to win.