Super Lucky Reels – Isoftbet

Super Lucky Reels

When the classic takes a trip to exotic Asian destinations, the result is the unique Super Lucky Reels slot machine from iSoftBet. Not exactly a three reel machine, but not quite an actual five reel machine, Super Lucky Reels falls distinctly in the middle somewhere. Besides this interesting twist to a three or five reel slot machine, players spending time with Super Lucky Reels will enjoy a beautifully designed exotic theme, progressive jackpot, and a flurry of free spins.


The three reel part of Super Lucky Reels falls pretty firmly in the traditional slot machine category. The symbols spinning past players as they tackle this one-armed bandit will be familiar. Lots of BARS and 7 combinations here, but some new icons will make appearances as well.

Mahjong tiles can net you a pretty good payout, especially when betting ten credits or more. The true star of the three reel side is the Super Lucky Reels symbol. Not only will landing three of these on a line grab you the highest payout, it’s the halfway point to the progressive Super Jackpot.

The Reels

There’s been a little bit of talk about the interesting aspect of the reels with Super Lucky Reels, but so far, the only talk has been of the traditional-styled three reel section.

On the right side of these three reels, Super Lucky Reels gives you two extra wheels. These reels have different symbols and numbers on them, which correspond to multipliers for winning combinations on the three reels.

Reel four has four separate symbols on it: +50, +150, +750 and +1,000. If you score a winning combination on the three reels plus get one of these in your line, you will be rewarded with the shown amount of credits.

Reel five is where the real fun is hiding. This reel features four symbols as well: 2x, 5x, 10x, and Re-Spin. If you hit a winning combination and one of these lands on your line, you will either win that multiplier or up to five free spins.

It should be noted that it is possible to land on blank spaces on the last two reels, which will award you with nothing at all.

Free Spins

Super Lucky Reels awards free spins based on the fifth reel outcome. When players spin a Re-Spin symbol on a winning combination line, they will be awarded up to five free spins. These free spins can be retriggered during your free spin bonus rounds.

Progressive Super Jackpot

one of the best things about Super Lucky Reels is the high progressive jackpot it features. Progressive jackpots grow based on the number of bets placed by all players of a specific game. The only way to win the Super Jackpot is by scoring three Super Lucky Reels symbols plus the +1000 and the 10x multiplier.


While the mix of old and new styles is intriguing and the Asian theme is breathtaking, the measly five winning lines do turn some new players away. Sit a spell and give Super Lucky Reels and you’re sure to be singing its praises soon enough.