Red Dragon Wild – Isoftbet

Red Dragon Wild is the Bruce Lee of Online Slots

I’ve just seen something beautiful. It’s an online slot machine. It’s Red Dragon Wild.

Yes, I’m talking about an online slot machine. I’m talking about the Red Dragon Wild game. It’s beautiful. Everything about it.

I’m no stranger to themed slots. I’ve been playing them since before computers existed. Well, maybe not quite that long. But suffice it to say that my experience of slot entertainment precedes anything like the virtualized reels we see spinning in front of us today. I recall having to actually pull a mechanical lever. I’m just that old.

I don’t remember those one-armed bandits being quite this beautiful, though they did have their moments. But Red Dragon Wild is a thing of beauty.

I admit I was attracted to the martial-arts tie in. A cartoon Bruce Lee lookalike stares out from the thumbnail on the online slot gaming site, flexing his pecs and saying, perhaps, “Bring it!”

“Interesting,” I thought to myself. I decided to bring it. I clicked on the link.

Then, I entered a mystical world of cosmic energy.

The font used for the letters on the reels of this online slot machine is astoundingly intricate. The red numbers and letters are perfectly legible, but reward the player with images of Chinese woodcuts the closer one looks. This is an online gaming experience that rewards higher monitor resolutions. Ominous, deep music plays in the background, lending an air of mystery. The reel window is surrounded by delightfully-illustrated horns, lanterns, and tiles, creating the appearance of a secret dojo high in the mountains where deadly skills are mastered. A background resembling the scales of a dragon sits behind the reels. Isoftbet – the publishers of Red Dragon Wild – didn’t skimp on graphic design.

I clicked “spin.” The music played. I was transported even further into another realm as I watched the virtual reels spin in perfect simulation of a very smooth mechanism, then slowly stop.

Red Dragon Wild lets the player bet up to five lines at once. There are up to 30 paylines depending on how many lines are played. In addition to letters and numbers, symbols calling to mind Bruce Lee movies occasionally appear: Flaming lanterns, swords, throwing stars. Extended wilds pop up, expanding to fill gaps in mystifying (and occasionally profitable) ways.

Then, there’s the fire-breathing dragon. The dragon can transform a spin into an avalanche of winnings as it creates wilds around it. The bell goes off. Watch that balance counter increase.

Honestly, I left Red Dragon Wild on auto-spin for a while and just breathed it in. It was soothing in a way like almost no other online slot I’ve recently played. The deep, breathy sound in the background is an advantage. It makes the player feel that something is about to happen. “Something must be about to happen. Just listen to that sound!”

Of course, what the player is waiting for is the appearance of the Master himself. And yes, he did make a few showings during my evaluation. The Bruce-Lee-like figure shows up and delivers wins like devastating tidbits bits of Confucian philosophy.

I’ll be back for more. I haven’t been enlightened enough quite yet. I found this online slot machine to be a bit of a Zen experience, really.