The dark knight slot – Microgaming

Batman has been one of the most popular comic series of the 20th and 21st century, it is now also a very popular movie series. The newest Batman installments go under the name of The Dark Knight. Along with the release of the movie, a website was made to accompany it.
The website itself applies all the special features that can be seen in these block buster movies. The opening of the website shows a clip featuring the first installment of the Dark Knight being offered on dvd and blu ray with exclusive features. Once you hit enter the site, it gets even more exciting.

Once you enter the site you are shown a change screen as if you are flying to the top of a building. Once you land on the screen you are offered a few options such as about the dvd, cast and crew and much more. There is also a special event happening with the website. When you click on the paper that says special event inside you are brought to another page that informs you of an exclusive interview with Christopher Nolan, which is available on the dvd and blu ray of the movie. To see the other options available on the site you can hit the menu button at the bottom of the page.

When you hit the menu button you are shown a list of other clickable goodies that range from a link to order the movie, from games to music and video and much more. The website is well made with striking graphics and also has The Dark Knight music playing within the background. This website has a lot to offer, and many great features which are ideal for a Batman fan. There is even a link to a Batman shop and a widget available! This website is easy to control and also fun to use.