Absolute Super Reels – Isoftbet

Absolute Super Reels Slot Adds Several Entertaining Features

The “Absolute Super Reels” slot game from iSoftbet contains the bars and multicolored 7s that have been staples of slot machines for decades, but don’t let this fool you. There’s more under the hood of this game than first meets the eye. This five-reel, five-line game seems like a traditional slot on the first three reels, but the fourth and fifth reels contain surprises for every player. Bet up to 15 coins per line and up to five lines at a time. Choose a coin-size between €0.01 and €0.50 for a maximum possible bet of €37.50. To see the payout schedule, you need merely click on an icon that looks like the letter “i.”

Fourth Reel Payouts

The fourth reel contains numbers from +50 to +1000. As long as you’re playing at least 10 coins per line, any winning combination from the first three reels will combine with the number, if any, displayed on the fourth reel to award you a special bonus prize. The amount of this extra payout will be equal to the number displayed times your coin size. For instance, if you’re playing 15 coins at €0.10 apiece, and you hit a winning combination at the same time as +1000 is showing on the fourth reel, then you’ll receive €100 on top of the standard prize for your matching symbols.

Fifth Reel Multipliers

On the fifth reel, which is only active if you’re risking the maximum 15 coins per line, you’ll see multipliers, like 2x, 5x and 10x. They’ll work together with the first three reels to multiply the value of your wins according to the number displayed.

There’s also a special Respin symbol that will award you free spins from time to time. Whenever you make a winning pay-line at max coins, and the Respin symbol appears, you’ll be presented with up to five free spins. The amount of spins you’ll receive seems to be determined entirely at random. While these free spins are running, you can hit the same symbol again to gain even more no-cost spins on the “Absolute Super Reels” game.


Progressive Jackpot

As if all these interesting wrinkles weren’t enough, iSoftbet has placed a jackpot feature within this game. Normally, when you line up three of the Absolute Super Reels symbols, you get 400 times the size of your line bet up to a maximum of 4,000 coins. However, if you’re playing 15 coins per line, you can align these three symbols along with a +1000 on the fourth reel and a 10x multiplier on the fifth reel to get the jackpot value paid to you. You’ll see the current size of the jackpot listed on the main game interface in a box labeled “Super Jackpot.”

The “Absolute Super Reels” game takes the tried-and-true slots formula and makes several additions to it. Despite being only a five-line machine, the unusual extra payouts and multipliers add enough distinction to make game-play much more enjoyable than it may seem at first glance. The graphics and sound are pedestrian at best, but this doesn’t detract much from the fun to be had.