Breakout Gaming And Its Crypto-Currency Return

Online gambling is general run with a tight and honest ship. In the very early days of online gambling, experiences with certain gaming establishments was a dubious proposition. Over the years, thanks to legitimate licensing services and regulatory commissions, running into an online gambling scam is rare. Those who have much experience with online casinos do know that an entity that has been around for many years and holds a license in Malta is usually a good bet, pardon the pun. Still, there are a few ventures related to online gambling people should be somewhat leery of. Gambling writers have been warning about an investment venture called Breakout Gaming, which is also known as Breakout Coin.

The entity had disappeared for a while, but seems to have been resurrected. The World Series of Poker (WSOP) may inadvertently be contributing to this. A host of news and marketing pushes coincide with the arrival of the WSOP, which makes it easier to promote various ventures.

Breakout Gaming/Breakout Coin first arrived on the scene in 2014. More than a bit of confusion surrounded the concept, which was touted as a marketing opportunity. By 2015, the entity went away and was thought to be gone forever. Such has turned out not to be the case.

Breakout Gaming was a bit confusing and confusion is hardly going to stimulate tremendous interest among people interested in making money. Yet, there were more than a few customers interested in trying out the “interactive gaming platform” that comprised Breakout Gaming. The Breakout Coin moniker comes from necessity to purchase a special virtual currency issued by the company. Buying Breakout Coin coins was deemed a form of an investment. The coins were necessary for playing on the site.

This might seem like an odd way of putting money into an online gaming establishment, but the Breakout Coin currency was intended to be purchased by trading Bitcoin. Someone who already deals in Bitcoin is obviously used to the concept of crypto-currency and probably wouldn’t be too concerned about making the transfer for credits.

Breakout Gaming also offered a fairly interesting gaming emporium intended to attract a significant number of gamblers. Upwards of 90 different casino games combined with fantasy sports wagering sounded great. Those who made investments in the company probably felt confident this venture would be a hit. The problem with Breakpoint Gaming was the gaming establishment never launched.

And then some rather unpromising news about Breakout Gaming social media profile emerged. The company had thousands upon thousands of followers on Twitter – virtual all of whom turned out to be fake.

Buying Twitter followers is a common marketing tactic and Breakout Gaming employed the strategy. People who thought the company was hugely popular due to the large number of followers were probably shocked upon discovering the followers figure was super-inflated.

Overall, the investment strategy turned out to be a weak one. Breakout Gaming could not enter the United States market due to domestic laws. The crypto-currency concept turned a lot of people off. While not a put-off to some, large numbers of prospective investors did not see any value in it. Real currency and already established virtual currency could be used. Why create a new crypto-currency?

Although it was assumed the entity was gone for good, Breakout Gaming has returned. A new crowdfunding vehicle has been launched and a lofty press release has been issued. The pitch made in the press release covers a great many details and hype about Breakout Coin. Whether or not Breakout Gaming is going to be able to raise a lot of new Bitcoin from prospective participants remains to be seen.

Not very much seems to be all that much more promising with the new endeavor than the original one. The goal seems to raise funds to establish and expand the market share for the new “multi-currency gaming token”. The press release does not that Breakout Coin is trading on a well known crypto-currency exchange.

One online press coverage of this news was not exactly very positive on the launch. A lot of harsh language was directed towards Breakout Gaming. Those wishing to learn more can do research into the company on their own.

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