2017 Shaping up to Be a Magical Year of Promises for IGaming

As a result of a variety of positive factors, it appears as though online gambling is going to have yet another big year in 2017. Although there are plenty of different reasons that are contributing to online gambling’s overall success, there are a few factors that are having a clear and profound impact on the hobby as a whole.

Mobile Popularity

As more and more people adopt smartphones, there has also been a substantial surge in app popularity. More specifically, people are enjoying online gambling through their phones, which makes online gambling not only more popular, but more accessible as well. This has attracted the attention of demographics that don’t normally have any interest in visiting a real casino. Of course, it’s also a useful tool in attracting people that would otherwise have no interest in gambling either. By making online gambling fun and accessible, people find it more difficult to resist trying at least once.

Women in Gaming

This rise in mobile popularity has also helped to create a rise in female gamers as well. With women enjoying games on their phones, they’ve also been driven to try out other online hobbies, including gambling. Although women aren’t traditionally associated with gambling, bitcoin casinos like Uptown Aces Casino offer opportunities that normally aren’t available to them. As women approach 50% of the total population of online gamblers, it is expected that online gaming ads targeting them will also become more prevalent over the course of the year.

Generational Gap

As of right now, there’s a solid generation gap in terms of who’s using their phones to participate in online gambling. Of course, it should come as no surprise to hear that millennials are far more active in online gambling than their older counterparts. Despite this rise in popularity among younger gamblers, that’s not to say that older people haven’t also been steadily adopting the technology for their own uses. As previously mentioned, increased accessibility across mobile platforms means a variety of demographics are being brought in to online casinos on a daily basis.

Bitcoin Popularity

With Bitcoin’s value steadily increasing, and reaching close to its all-time high this year, there’s no reason to think this trend will stop over the course of 2017. In fact, gamblers can expect to see a greater emphasis on the cryptocurrency throughout the year. In addition to providing gamblers with a whole new betting platform, Bitcoin is also a useful tool for people that are otherwise uncomfortable with releasing their personal information on the Internet. Bitcoin is, by design, a safer and more secure way of making transactions than traditional platforms. As of this writing, there are already plenty of casinos that deal with Bitcoin transactions, such as the aforementioned Uptown Aces Casino. With Bitcoin’s popularity continuing to rise, a greater acceptance for the currency is expected across online casinos around the world.

Emerging Markets

Although the United States and Europe have been steadily adopting Bitcoin into their lives, the current push is actually being driven by China. As the Chinese continue to adopt Bitcoin at a rapid pace, its value is quickly being driven up. This makes investing in Bitcoin particularly lucrative at the moment, which again drives its value in online casinos.

All of these factors have created a perfect series of circumstances for online gambling. Luckily, it looks as though many of these trends are going to continue not just through 2017, but well past it as well. With a strong outlook for online gambling, and Bitcoin casinos in particular, now is the perfect time to join in and see what all of the fuss is about.

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