Rambo – Isoftbet

Rambo fans will love this slots game as there will be a lot of war scenes and activity. The payouts are also frequent and generous. There are sounds of war with helicopters overhead and machine guns firing. Various parts of the movie have the actor Sly Stallone acting throughout. For example, players can watch him shooting a hand gun whenever the bullet symbol wins. The machine gun scene appears with the jeep symbol or the knife symbol has him sharpening it with a hammer. This game proves that all 25 line games are not the same.

There are a variety of different colors such as gold and red dust around winning letter and number symbols during regular spins. The bonus triggers scenes that can cover the entire reel or just one. Another awesome feature is when several of the same symbols land at the same time to almost cover the entire reel with that scene. Bets can be wagered with 50 cents to 2 dollars and 50 cents increments that correlate to 12 dollars and 50 cents for largest one. A 25 cents wager is the smallest with the one cent selection. There is a jackpot with this game that has a changing amount based on the bet increment.

A gold hand grenade is the jackpot progressive bonus symbol. A red symbol with the words Rambo Wild is the wild symbol. Sylvester Stallone’s face is the scatter symbol worth multipliers of five, ten, or 15 times the bet when three are more land. Free spins in this same denomination are also included. Four battle items including a jeep is worth five dollars, a Cobra snake is valued at one dollar, a knife and three large bullets award at 50 cents each. Players must receive five of these symbols for payouts. The customary four letters and two numbers make their appearance in various colors with gold stars next to them.

There are 720 winning combinations and four progressive jackpots for players to win. As long as the symbols are in neighboring reels, players can rack up big payouts. To activate the jackpots, players need five golden grenades to land any place on the reels. There can be up to eight grenade symbols on the reels at any given time. Based on the number, they trigger one of the following jackpots. The four include Explosive, Honor, Bravery, and Stealth. Winnings range from several thousands to a few dollars. During free spins, randomly chosen symbols are earned causing them to cover the reels for extra payouts. There is more with free spins as they also stick in place with each win. Special features make this game even more exciting with wilds replacing all icons but the progressive and scatters.

The graphics make the metal objects in the game realistic. Sounds are more outstanding than the colors with large bursts of explosions and gun fire. The software is a piece of work with cutting-edge responsiveness and agility. This is showcased each time the movie scenes are triggered. They only thing missing is to hear the character speak. The payouts are larger than expected and award at a decent rate. This game is a winner with its features, bonuses, and more. It does the movie and star justice. Once players try it, they will be back again.